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01 February 2009 @ 11:55 am

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First post in ages :( I'm so sorry, my life has been so so so busy, for some reason my teachers have decided to give us the most work in the last and shortest term of the year.. Oh joy! But if you don't include my never ending assignments and revision life is awesome :D

Only five more weeks of school left for ever, then hopefully I can go to uni and study architecture, which hopefully will be fun. I went to the Uni open day a few months ago and by the looks of things, in a few years time i can go on an exchange to either Germany, England or France. I think Germany would be awesome but the only problem is I can't speak German :(

Anyway, I'm so excited about finishing school, it means next year i can move to Brisbane which is also a rather exciting prospect. There is so much you can actually do there when you compare it to the town I live in.

Now im just rambling on but over the last few weeks i had developed a small Tori Amos obsession, her music is so beautiful ^_^

anyway im off..
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17 September 2008 @ 08:38 pm

Exams are now over so you can expect a few more updates from now on, they went fairly well and my teacher thinks im topping our art class..

Yesterday, all the yr 12's at school were called to our assembly hall. Our principal was there. There was this girl who used to go to our school she left in yr 10, she changed schools. I went to primary school with her though. On Monday night she hung herself. Its horrible, i have no idea how somebody could do that. I know that i haven't talked to her for about two years but i never though that she would do anything like that. She always seemed so happy/sweet.
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22 August 2008 @ 05:33 pm
Thank God Its Friday..
This week has been hell, i wont go into it too much but:
- My friends and i sort of had a massive fight.. Lots of screaming and tears >,< In the last 5 years we actually haven't had a fight at all so it was a bit of a shock... And it happened during school so that made it even worse, I ended up having to explain to my Chem teacher why I was in so upset.. :/

- On top of that i have had about 5 assignments due in, once again in Graphics we are doing group work and it drives me insane. All the other people in my group have decided we are making this super hard thing, and I sort of think it may actually surpass our abilities a little. In the end probably me and another girl will end up doing the whole assignment. I do live in hope though that maybe they will get their act together and do some more work than they usually do.

- The person I asked to my formal said yes, that happened a few weeks ago. Today i heard though that somebody else asked him a few months before me and he said yes to them too. WTF lol. We used to be really good friends too so hmm.. I talked to her about it though and she said it doesn't matter because she found somebody else, i get the idea though that she was just 'being nice' so i didn't feel bad and really it has upset/annoyed her a lot. I didn't know she had asked him though and why did he say yes to me anyway?? may need to ask him about that... hmm

- One good thing that happened was, i discovered the music of Fiona Apple, she is brilliant.
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03 August 2008 @ 05:28 pm
Basically this term in art i need to make an artwork that represents the topic of essence and spirituality in some respect. I have been thinking for the last week or so now that perhaps people and their personalities are in some way shaped by the places and time in which the grow up and also the values held by those around them. Then i began to think it may be interesting to sort of try to incorporate this idea into a series of paintings/drawings/maybe even mixed media works. With each work in the series representing in a way the beliefs of a different person.

So basically i am asking:

1: If you were to pick a colour that would represent you what would it be? Why?

2: can you think of a building you like/ is iconic in your life? (it might just be the house you grew up in or something like the Sydney opera house, the Eiffel Tower)

3: Is there a shape that you feel may represent you?

4: What country do you live in?

5: Where do you live (city/town/rural area)?

6: Has there been an even, in your lifetime, that you think may have had a profound impact on you life? (e.g. September 11, War, or maybe something smaller)

If you only want to answer one or two questions thats fine, and you dont need to give huge answers, one or two words are fine.

31 July 2008 @ 06:10 pm
My formal dress is going to look like this but red!
Im so excited, now i just need to find somebody to go with...
30 July 2008 @ 10:55 pm
: )  
I have never really realized this before but sometimes small acts of kindness make you feel so much better when your not feeling that good. Today i was seriously stressed out about a huge maths c exam i have coming up. My chemistry teacher saw me asked if i was alright, then went and got me hot chocolate :D she is so sweet, and I felt so much better afterwards. It reminded me a little of Amelie :)
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29 July 2008 @ 05:35 pm
Well in the last week or so a few things have happened to me that i think may be worthy of posting about.

1. My books that i posted pictures of in my last post were submitted to the "ministers award for art excellence" although the fact I doubt they will be accepted and actually be displayed is another story, I'm excited all the same.

2. Almost everybody in my group at school have decided they do not like this girl that sits with us. I will be honest, she annoys me sometimes but regardless of that she is still nice, i like her and i have no idea what she has done to make them hate her. But anyway today one of my friends, who can speak pig-latin or something really well started insulting her and of course she couldn't understand it... (i could though)... Its terrible, like they are being so childish and this girl who considers all these people her friends has no idea how they really feel about her.. argh..

3. Bring back the old last.fm layout too..